Why Hire a Local Lakewood Roofing Company?

When the time comes to have your roof serviced, we know there are many options for a homeowner to consider. Putting the choice of the proper material and color aside, two of the top considerations of most homeowners when repairing or re-roofing a home are cost and quality. How much will it cost to hire the services of professional contractors Denver? We all want top quality without breaking the bank, but- as many of us have unfortunately come to learn- there is a fine line between getting a great roof for a great price and getting subpar materials with subpar workmanship.

Repairing or replacing a roof on your own can cost thousands of extra dollars if not done properly. Just finding and paying for any number of professional contractors Denver to come out and correct the mislaid/mishandled roofing is pricey. Add that to paying for any damages caused by water intrusion into your home and the possible necessity of mold remediation services and DIY roofing jobs become more costly and time-consuming than simply hiring a professional from the start.

Hart Roofing tradesmen/women are roofing contractors Denver who know the trade and provide all customers with quality, long-lasting beautiful roofs. Whether you are searching for Denver roofing, Lakewood roofing, roofers in Aurora or roofers in Golden, Hart has you covered with all of the best techniques, tools, know-how, and materials. Colorado weather is intense and oftentimes extreme. According to U.S. Climate data information, Denver alone receives an average annual rainfall of just under 16 inches of rain and a staggering 55 average inches of snow. With vast temperature fluctuations, lots of water, and snow and working toward breaking down any roof, quality is key! Roofing contractors Denver need to know the area and understand what their roofs will be up against. Hart Roofing is a locally owned and operated business and fully understands just how temperamental our Colorado weather can be.

How is Hart Roofing Better than the Competition?

Hart Roofing team members are roofing contractors Denver who have been in business since 1996. Again, we are local and understand how living and roofing in Colorado is unique to almost any other area in the world. Whether looking for roofers in Golden, Lakewood roofing, Aurora roofers, or Denver roofing services, Hart specializes in a wide variety of roofing services using a wide variety of beautiful, long-lasting materials. We boast an exceptional Better Business rating and are GAF certified. This means our team is properly licensed and adequately insured. We also have a mindset of continual learning, improving our techniques to match the newest most updated methods of installation. It is our personal and professional goal to lessen the time it takes to get your home beautiful, safe, and ready for any weather Mother Nature can imagine.

Hart Roofing also backs each job with a 5-year workmanship warranty, covering damages occurring from defects in workmanship.

Offered Hart Roofing Services

Our roofers Denver CO, Lakewood roofing, Aurora roofers, and roofers in Golden all provide the
following services:

 Hail damage repair
 Residential re-roofing
 Roof installation
 Roof maintenance
 Roof repair
 Roof replacement
 Storm damage repair

Although we do not sell our materials, our craftsmen have all been fully trained in how to install any and all of the following types of roofing products:

  Asphalt shingles
  Clay tile
 Metal roofing
 Slate tile
 Wood shake
 Concrete tile
 Stone-coated steel

We have the perfect materials for any style our clients may prefer. At Hart Roofers, our Roofing contractors Denver can prepare your home for the best or worst of times without costing you, our valued clients, excessive time or money. After a large storm or if for any reason you believe your roof may have been compromised, Hart Roofing provides free roof inspections and will work insurance adjusters to get you a fair and reasonable return to cover the cost of needed repairs. We are neighbors. We love what we do, and it show in the quality of work we complete.

How Do Assessments Work?

If you would like a free estimate, you can request a quote on our Hart Roofing Inc. webpage or call us at 720-283-7997. Simply provide us with your name, phone number, e-mail, subject, and tell us what’s going on and we will get in touch with you quickly!

We look forward to assisting you with any and all of your Lakewood roofing needs!