Hart Roofing was Exceptional

Angie’s List – 9/19/2014
I was initially contacted by a simple door to door inquiry on whether or not I needed this service. Coincidently (or not) my neighborhood experienced a recent hail storm. I took this opportunity to have them inspect my roof to determine whether damage had occurred. I’m a jack of many trades and always willing to learn more so I went onto the roof with them and had them explained to me what they were looking for and their reasoning. I knew enough to tell if they were on the up and up and I must say Hart Roofing knew their business. We then sat down and opened a claim with my insurance company. A week or so later the insurance company and Hart Roofing inspected the roof together along with other aspects of possible hail damage around my house and the claim was justified. A check was issued and we scheduled to have the work done. Within a few days and maybe a week before they had scheduled the job they brought the material. Roofing is one of those things that clearly is
impacted by weather and although my schedule was initially postponed it wasn’t but another day or so before they started the work. On that day work started wouldn’t you know it another thunderstorm was rolling through my neighborhood. I called Hart Roofing concerned and was assured that the roof had been sealed so no damage would occur. Upon my arrival home I did an inspection internally and confirmed there was no damage. However my next concern was if they would be able to complete the job that same day due to the delay. Well they stayed until the job was completed, This may not be the case every time depending on how large the roofing area is, But for my house they were able to do it. So in short I was extremely pleased with there effort the work and the communication throughout the process, And although not part of their business I was able to use them to gain other contacts to have additional work done to the house that was needed from the hail damage. Hart Roofing was exceptional and I would no doubt do business with again.